Partnership with

10/08/2021, Vivid Team

The OpenChia is an official Chia Network pool which main goal are to provide best pooling service and the highest transparency possible. At this moment the pool is considered as a small one, but it consistently grows larger every week.

We know the small pools struggles, that's why we decided to join the OpenChia with our 33 TiB of chia plots. They didn't know that we were running Cardano stake pool. After a few days during the conversation with OpenChia pool founders, we asked them about possible partnering. They were really happy about that idea. Even more, it happened that they are Cardano holders as well! In exchange the OpenChia team decided to delegate their 81k of Ada into our pool ;) We are very grateful for this move as it increased our pool size three times! From now on we are going to support each others in areas like promoting and pool development.

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